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Take5|Unbecoming Me in 25 Minutes a Day

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What if I told you that you could be the “YOU” you want to be in 25 minutes a day?  You would probably say “Sign me up!”  Or maybe you’re a glass half empty person and are thinking…this sounds like a pipe dream. Whichever thought you are thinking, I am telling you, IT IS POSSIBLE!  The solution is connected to your HABITS.

25 Minutes = 5 minute Commitment to 5 Daily habits

Yes, you got it girl.  Take 5 minutes and devote it to 1 habit.  Commit yourself to 5 habits and voila, there you have it!  25 minutes.  So happy I took all of those Advance Placement Math classes LOL.

It sounds simple right?  That’s because it is.  I think that the difficulty comes in identifying what those 5 habits should be…here’s where I help you :).  Unbecoming me…hm, what do I want to undo?  What habits do I currently have that i hate?  Did you know that hate is equally as powerful a motivator as love?  And used in the correct way, it can actually change your world for the better.  There is something that everyone of us is trying to Unbecome.  Procrastination, self-hate, biting your nails, eating too much fast food, going shopping to relieve stress, racking up debt on your credit cards, wasting your life away on social media, watching too much reality tv, swearing…just giving you some of America’s top bad habits according to the web.  Here’s the kicker, being REAL with yourself and identifying the things about yourself that you want to change and then those will be keys to the habits you need to implement.  


procrastination| set aside 5 minutes at night to prioritize your day tomorrow

eating too much fast food | set aside 5 minutes to pack yourself a lunch 

watching too much reality tv | set aside 5 minutes to read something that will encourage yourself

Catch my drift?  It’s actually alot easier than it seems.  I just believe that the reason we dont see LASTING change in our lives, is because we refuse to put in the work.  Another reason is because we refuse to truly face ourselves.  You are WORTH the WORK GIRL!  And unless you want to be STUCK in the same spot you are in this time next year, or maybe worse…then NOW IS THE TIME!  What are you waiting for?  And if you are telling me you don’t have 25 minutes in your day…then I’m telling you – you don’t want it bad enough.  The hardest part about Unbecoming Me…is that I can’t Unbecome You…no matter how bad I want it for you, or you want it for me…we have to OWN IT.  (I hear an Eminem song playing in the background :). 

Now, take some time…identify your problem areas, what habits have become so much a part of who you are that you aren’t even aware they are habits, and CHANGE them.  You GOT THIS!  

P.S. I would love to hear some feedback from you!  What habits are you going to implement?  

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