What if There Were no Savior?

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    I am sitting here sipping on some cream and sugar (with a little coffee in it) as i have just wrapped my last gift.  Procrastination has always been my strong suit, lol.  Before i get into cooking Christmas Eve dinner and then gather around the tree to open presents, i want to send a gift to each of you.

    I was out and about town with my daughters Thursday, finishing up some last minute shopping and saw an insta post of my sister, cutest ever!  Both she and her girls were out doing the same thing and it tugged on my heart strings because all of my best memories growing up are with my siblings.  I know that when my girls fight they probably get SO sick of hearing me say, “someday you will wish your sister lived close enough that you could be with her everyday.”


    Lisa & I with Santa

    Look how happy Santa is in both photos haha!

    A gift he could never give, but was always a centerpiece in our home was closeness.


    This Christmas…be close.  Be present, don’t just give presents.


    Many years ago, my Pastor Rod Parsley, told a story where he was eye witness to a precious incident.  He saw a young boy out in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping madness with his Mommy and passed a window scape with a manger scene inside.  The little boy tugged on his moms sweater and was curious as to who all of these people at the manger were.  So impatiently, she gave as brief a description as she could and hurried on with completing her list.  However, her explanation wasn’t good enough for him.  He continued pestering, like only kids can, person after person in the manger scene, until finally… he came to the baby.  By this time, wise men, shepherds, animals, Mary, Joseph, had all been introduced, and now…the baby.  Who was this baby?  Her short answer was “oh thats just the baby Jesus.”

    When my Pastor shared this story, like only he can.  It stirred my heart.  I’ve always been a deep thinker, and was evidently Unbecoming before my time.  I sat with a pen in hand and wrote the words to one of my favorite songs i’ve authored.  It is CHRISTMAS UNBECOMING.  It takes all that we have learned, experienced, heard of, imagined, the foundation for the season and Unbecomes it.  It’s called, What If?

    This year i received one of the most special gifts of a lifetime.

    My sister, Lisa, and Harvest Music Live , released a Christmas EP, and she ministered my song What If?…and HOLY WOW…you should go watch it now.  The service link playing above is just beautiful.  Have you ever had someone say your words back to you and make you speechless?  Well, my girl did just that.  I love the gift who is my baby sister.


    This Christmas, take time to give to the greatest GIVER of all.  All that He truly desires is you.  Share Him.  And maybe like me, as you’re gathered around a tree, a fire, a table, you may find yourself imagining, what it really would be like without Him. What If?



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