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    I am so excited for another episode of unfiltered Friday!  It’s an absolute blast being able to sit down with women just like you and listen to their story.  I have said it often “when writing the story of your life, God refused to allow anyone else to hold the pen.”  Every single story is so beautiful and so unique.  This particular story, happens to belong to one of the most powerful women I know.

    Her steps are paved with mercy and her walk exemplifies grace.

    Brenda Fugate and her husband are Elders to Pastor and myself and our TKC family.  Her impact on my life and the lives of so many others is immense.  She is a trail blazer, wife, mother, educator, prayer warrior, in addition to a breast cancer survivor, need I say more?

    I cannot wait for you to hear her story!  Like many of you, she was reluctant to tell it, but the effect it will have on all who hear it is immeasurable!  Thank you Brenda for being brave, for standing strong, and for showing ALL women that as long as you have breath you have purpose!!!



    P.s.  Please share and comment if this post touched your life.  If you would like to share your story like Brenda, click on the your story above… Someone needs to hear it!

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