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    Welcome to Unfiltered Friday – Where I am able to sit down with daughters, moms, sisters just like you and share their story.  I have said it once and i’ll say it again…YOU have a story and this is the place i would love to tell it!

    I was able to sit down with one of my closest friends Billie, over a cup of coffee.  She has a story.  A story of strength.  A story of restoration.  I have watched her literally take trials and declare triumph in her life.  If you are in ministry and have ever felt alone, have ever felt like you couldn’t be ministered to because you couldn’t be truthful about your struggle, please STOP everything you are doing and watch this.  My husband and i tell our great church family at TKC that “THERE IS NO SHAME IN THE STRUGGLE!”  God is still in the redeeming business!  If it doesn’t work for those of us who preach about it, sing about it, minister about it on any level, then how are we going to preach it to everyone else?

    I have never been more sure that your circumstances in life do not define you, rather they refine you.

    Billie walked through very tough trials and talks plain about how she applied the truth of the Word of God.  Whenever i watch something, i always think to myself would this be ok for my daughters to watch?  As i sat here and watched this i thought to myself, i can’t wait for her girls to see this.  I am so glad that my daughters know Billie.

    Listen closely as Billie opens up.  Let today be the day that you begin a new chapter in your story!



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