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    Unbecoming Deb

    It’s time for another inspiring story of personal Unbecoming! The woman we are hearing from today is exceptional in every single way. I have had the honor (and I truly mean that) of knowing her for 7 years. I have watched her OVERCOME more odds and attacks than any 1 person should ever have to deal with in a lifetime, and she has done it with great grace and beauty. It is a privilege to call Deb Huber my friend.

    Deb & Dwight (Her husband of 31 years)

    Unbecoming Me, a movement dedicated to allowing God to breathe freedom into your life. Freedom can come in layers. The enemy wants to keep us ashamed of the struggles from our past but God has other thoughts and plans for us and our futures.

    I stayed silent and ashamed most of my life because of the sexual abuse I endured from the ages of 5-17.

    I grew up in a loving Christian home with parents that have the biggest hearts, they never knew the abuse happened because I was too embarrassed and afraid to tell them, I chose to stay silent.

    Courtney, their daughter

    Abuse causes many struggles but my healing and freedom has come in many layers. I’m a different person from encountering the Lord and Unbecoming Me is a continual part of that process and those layers being removed. #unbecomingme

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