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Unbecoming Courtney

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There is nothing I love more than to see that Unbecoming Me is a multi-generational MOVEMENT! Last weeks edition of ‘The Stories’ was from a phenomenal woman, Deb Huber, you can check out her story HERE. And this week’s is from her lovely 24 year old daughter. I want to preface this story by telling you that this young lady you are about to hear from, is in a league of her own. She is made up of ALL the good stuff. So when she sent me her Unbecoming Story, unsolicited, and it consisted of the inner struggles I know so many young ladies are battling, I could not wait for today to roll around so that I could share it with you. Ladies…this is Courtney and here is her story.

“I look at her and I see my mistakes, my failures. I look at her in judgement. I can’t imagine how she could smile and act like there is nothing wrong after all that she has done. She doesn’t deserve to smile. She doesn’t deserve to act like everything’s all right. She’s a fake. She acts one way on the outside, but on the inside she’s saying all of this to herself.”

Mental warfare is a real, tangible, breathing, living thing.

I can feel it in the weight of depression the mornings that I wake up and drudge on throughout the day. I can hear it breathing and speaking its lies behind my back. I feed it every time I overthink something, every time I give in and believe the lies. I feed it every time I doubt myself and who I am. You may be like me and silently scoff and make fun of the people on social media promoting themselves and boosting their confidence with affirmations while also silently wishing you were that way.

Self-care shouldn’t be thought of as foolish and pointless. It’s necessary.

Sometimes we need to remember we can’t do everything ourselves and that doesn’t mean that we are weak or less-than. We can’t be perfect and when we make those inevitable mistakes that doesn’t mean we give up and give into the lies, we have to just keep pushing ourselves to better and believing the truth.

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