Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

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Queue the Biebs and crank up the jam…”Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry?”  Ok, maybe not the whole song lol, but really good question.  Is it really ever too late to say “sorry?”  As a culture we pretty much suck at this whole forgiveness thing.  Blame is a much smoother paved road and the traffic there is considerably piling up.

Forgiveness is a relationship.

Yes i said it correct.  A relationship…because it takes two people to participate in it.  First, you have the person who needs forgiveness and second, you have the person who grants forgiveness.  And vice versa…sorry, but its a two way street.  We are seeing entirely too many one way street signs these days.  We are quick to the taking, slow to the giving.  We are neglecting the word of God that says “for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Our walk is entitled and we carry backpacks full of the spirit of offense.  We wear microscopic lenses as glasses just waiting on someone to hurt us, offend us, ignore us, or God forbid… overlook us.  We are pious and petty and we don’t look like Jesus at all when we don’t operate in forgiveness.


I recently experienced a situation where i was the person asking for forgiveness.  Sometimes i think that asking for forgiveness is exponentially more difficult than giving it.  To humble yourself, your feelings, your right to be right and place your vulnerabilty into the hands of another, is daunting to say the very least.   You need to do this.  You are going to have to ask for forgiveness.  It’s NOT going to kill you.  You will live and you will be better for it.  Ask.

We are also to grant forgiveness.  And beyond that, to forget.  We are peculiar peeps.  We crave a steady dose of forgiveness, whether it be from the Lord, or family, friends, our circle.  Yet we starve those who desperately need it from us.  Unless you have forgiven that person 490 times in a day, take it up with God.  Forgiveness is everything.  It is crucial to your Christian walk.

Forgiveness is the basis of our Faith.

When i was a little girl i read a quote by Mark Twain in my grandmothers home in a small little frame.  This quote has NEVER left my heart or my thoughts.  In a free flowing script it so gracefully read…

“Forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet which clings fast to the heel who has crushed it.”

In essence it states that real, authentic forgiveness runs to its offender.  That it wraps itself around the person who did them wrong.  I just think that is beautiful.  We tend to run the opposite direction or better yet to shut ourselves in.  This only feeds the flames of unforgiveness with fuel that can be very difficult to quench.  Our unbecoming is woven together with threads of forgiveness.

I literally could continue typing about this for days on end.  I will spare you the run on…however, i am going to ask you these two questions for fodder…

  1.  Can you be forgiven past your last act of forgiveness?
  2. Why not forgive?
  3. Why not ask for forgiveness?

Ok so that was three…lol!  Do some soul searching today…seek the word of God about forgiveness because there are about a billion scriptures on it.  In my opinion, it is NEVER to late to say I’m sorry…like ever.





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