Why all the weird hugs?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you reach out to give someone a hug and you walk away feeling like you either remind them of their old Aunt June (whom they aren’t really sure they want to hug) or that you have some version of a modern plague?

Well take heart my sweet friend, you are not alone.  We have all been a victim of the weird hug.

Magazine racks at the stores are filled with scantily clad people or those dressed in full body paint, yet most Christians inside the Walls of the church can rarely commit to a hug?

I understand, i suppose, that religion has somehow taught us that there are rules when it comes to embracing another 😉 or that in some cases a real hug may provoke my crucified flesh to lust after my brother.  Really? Really…smh.

I’m sorry I just think all the weird hug business is too much.

If you need a hug – you’ve found your girl.  I am all in.  I love and love big.  I just am a firm believer that that’s how Jesus would do it.  I can’t imagine that his embrace was ever half hearted.  He gave it all.  For you, for me. And says we would be known by our love one for another.  If we can’t fully hug a brother or sister, how can we embrace the world?

So consider yourself hugged big…by me…by God today.  No half hugs, no sidebys, no reservations!  No.  Weird.  Hugs.  Evernote Camera Roll 20160224 155028

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