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Early on in my Unbecoming journey, it became very clear to me that this was bigger than i could imagine.  I suppose you could say i “opened a can of worms”, or brought identity to the proverbial “elephant in the room”.  Whichever way you slice it, i soon began to see that i was going to take on a new role in my life, to be a fielder of stories.  Not just my story, but yours.

I think the absolute most incredible gift of being a Pastor is that i get to watch beautiful, strong, powerful women, rise to the occasions that their life affords.

Some of those occasions wonderful, and some of them moments of tragedy and difficulty.  I get to hold their hand through those times, and then stand on the other side of what could have broken them, re-formed them, muddied up their identity and see them unbecome themselves!

I want to introduce you to one of those girls.  Her name is Jasmine.  And just like you she has a story.  Jasmine dealt with loss on a very personal level that we are quick to label as “common”.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and let the unfiltered story of Jasmine’s unbecoming minister to you.



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