Unbecoming Message- Stephanie Harrison

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Something so freeing happens when we stop pretending to be someone we’re not and let God have His way. This “Unbecoming” message was one of those special moments.  If you have not heard the foundation behind this movement then please take a listen, I believe this video will minister to you.  Maybe you have heard and you just need to remind yourself that YOU are worth the work it takes to UNBECOME!

This day was epic.  The presence of the Lord was palpable with so many women desperate for His touch, ready for more, ready for change.

This message and dozens more, including messages from Kim Pothier and Jana Mitten, are all available to you at no charge on our app, TKCmobile. If you don’t have it already, get it on your device now.

Remember, if this movement has a tabernacle this is where it lives and YOU are the vehicle it rides upon. If it encourages you, speaks to you, touches you – please share it!

I love you and am walking this out with you! Let’s UNBECOME together 😘





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