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    James 5:19-20My dear friends, if you know people who have wandered off from God’s truth, don’t write them off. Go after them. Get them back and you will have rescued precious lives from destruction and prevented an epidemic of wandering away from God.”

    Sis, you did it!  I’m so thankful for your commitment to our UMFAST!  I hope that the past 30 days have drawn you closer to the Lord and closer to YOU.  The real you.  James sums it up beautifully for us on our last day of our 30 day UMFAST.  His simple and direct truths, bring us full circle to square one…Love.  We who have been rescued, are indeed rescuers.  We are commanded to love as we have been loved, therefore…to rescue like we have been rescued.  Take all of the truths James has carefully and with great detail brought us in these 5 short chapters of scripture, and find them within the words of these last few verses; selflessness, faith, works, controlling our tongue, loving others, loving God, staying away from sin, walking in forgiveness, being people of our word, people whose lives speak for themselves.  In the middle of a global pandemic, we can prevent an epidemic of walking away from God by going after God’s people (and everyone is His creation, they just may not know it yet).  We cannot be quick to write others off and honestly, I see so much of that today that it hurts my heart.  Has God written you off?  Ever?  Then we must reciprocate and be quick to do the same.  We are the helpers, the lovers, the forgivers, the rescuers…we are His.  And we are called to bring Him the reward of His suffering.   The crown jewel of His creation.  People.  

    Consecration: Writing people off

    Today, we are consecrating writing people off.  Let us have the same grace and love for others that we have been given by God.  We must be the bigger person and go the distance, period.  Let’s be His love extended today and call and check on someone who has lost their way.  Extend forgiveness to someone who has hurt or wronged you.  Ask forgiveness if you need to.  I’m going to say it again, people are everything.  And we need to value one another as they are.  We are sisters.  When we properly value life and comprehend the impact we make on one another, we are more careful to fight for, not with others.  After all, there is no me without you. 


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