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    Sisterhood Collection

    Let’s be real, who packs for a girls weekend and doesn’t wonder what to bring? One of my favorite things about Unbecoming Me is the diverse individuality each of you bring to the table. Last year, we did a Warrior Princess Theme and it was INSANE. Y’all outdid yourself. This year, the clothing theme for Saturday Night service will be anything super femme! Think girly, vogue style, gorgeous colors, bold patterns, be daring and mix-it-up, there are no rules here. Theme nights are super cool because they bring such a unifying force to the weekend, so do the theme – just BE YOU! I’ve included some photos to give you a feel for the vibe. Whatever you do, have fun, and oh remember…it will be hot and wild and we will definitely want before photos because we will be wrecked afterwards✌🏽😉

    Friday 7 PM Service – wear whatever you want 😍 (p.s. the UM Boutique will be open during check-in)

    Saturday 11AM Service – UM2020 Conference Tee

    Saturday 6PM Service – Girly Vogue Style (below photos for outfit inspiration) Coming in a group? Plan to rock it out together like some of these girls.

    Remember, Unbecoming Me is a movement about embracing YOU! So no clones allowed! Have fun with your fashion and don’t stress. There will be all kinds of new UM Merch to choose from in the Boutique and style it how you wish!

    Literally cannot wait to squeeze you! Xoxo – Steph

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