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I am just gonna say to start this off that this is not a ploy for weight loss or a plug for the latest fad diet, but quite frankly the exact opposite.  Have you ever heard the phrase “out of the box”? (I actually have a post on that 😉.)  Well I am gonna go on a rant for a second and create a new phrase with about the same meaning, however it pertains to the ideology of beauty, fitness, and health.

Tip the scale!

All of my life, I have never owned a scale.  And this year we purchased one.  It lives in my bathroom…it is the devil 👿.  Not because it is a scale that measures your weight.  But because it is a tool that tells most people how they are gonna live their life that day.  People all day everyday make decisions about their life, what they will eat, what the won’t eat, how fast they will run, how long they will run, how happy they will feel or how sad they will feel.  How much they will love and how much they will hate…ok maybe that’s a little extreme but seriously tho 😜

It is YOU and only YOU who can allow your opinions to be altered by what others deem beautiful.  EXCEPT for when you are raising kids!!! You, yes you, are responsible for what infiltrates their receptors when it comes to health and fitness and beauty.

Now, I realize that I am opening up a can of worms here, but someone has to talk about it!  And I am gonna be real honest…so strap on your seatbelt and let’s go for a ride.  When we have little girls AND boys who are battling depression and have eating disorders before they ever turn 10…well WE have issues.  And I said WE not THEM! Your eyes are the window to your soul…and not only for us to look into their eyes and see what their soul is feeling…but a window is transparent-you can see out as well as in.  What are you showing them? Are you modeling a fit and healthy lifestyle? A life that tells them the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Or are you on a yo-yo fad diet cycle, with waist trainers and fat burners because you want to look like the latest person on the cover of any screen in America? Notice I didn’t say magazine…because they aren’t reading them…they are holding their screens in their hands.  And if YOU won’t talk to them about the reasons why they should keep their vessel healthy and fit, then their screen will tell them why they should starve and be sad…or overeat in return because they can never look “like that”.  SMH…this subject makes me want to TIP THE SCALE!!

Fitness, health and sustaining a temple fit for revival should be why we pursue the gym or eat clean, not to look “good” for some person who can’t get their own lusts under control.

I guess it goes back to the “in His image created He them”.  Do we tell our kids this? You were born to reflect Christ, you are made in His mold!  So for all of you moms out there, watch what you are projecting onto the screenplays of your children’s lives.  You are HIS, you are beautifully formed, you are worth more than a number on a scale, and the word of God defines you!

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