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Rain drop, Drop top, Unbecoming…Won’t Stop

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Is it just me or does anyone else feel like unbecoming is a never-ending process?  I hope I’m not alone when I say, sometimes it seems like I am Unbecoming on repeat!

You didn’t become the You you are trying to Unbecome overnight!

What comes easy won’t last long and what lasts long won’t come easy.  So “stick with it!”  (I tell myself this several times each day.)  Lasting change is worth working for.  You have to begin to see yourself as an investment…and for most of us that is the difficult part.  We find it second nature to invest in our spouses, children, family and friends…and too often we save ourselves until last.  Let’s be honest, sometimes things we save until last DON’T GET DONE.


How you see yourself is the first shift that needs to take place.  You are worth the work!  Devote yourself to the process.  This may include getting to know who you used to be, recognizing where change came, and being responsible to deal with the unveiling that needs to happen.  Remember life and all that comes with it…tends to chip away at the core of who we are.  Changes our DNA, alters us until years later we look in the mirror and are unrecognizable.  Be faithful to peel away the layers until you see yourself again!

I would love to hear your Unbecoming Stories.  Maybe you are right in the middle of unbecoming…join the crowd!  We have to encourage one another from time to time as we are writing our autobiographies.

Remember, when writing the story of your life, God refused to let anyone else hold the pen.

I love the unknown quote that says “Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.”  Don’t ever be ashamed of your story…it will inspire others!  Someone, somewhere, is waiting on you to tell it and honestly making mistakes is better than faking perfections.  You have been given THIS DAY as a gift.  Today you have the power to change your story!  So girl, just hear me shouting “Don’t stop UNBECOMING! You got this!”




2 thoughts on “Rain drop, Drop top, Unbecoming…Won’t Stop

  1. My, my, my, Beautiful,, this was just on point and on time Today! Just another push to keep peeling off the old wine skin. I love it when you let God use that Voice to encourage All of us Women, no matter what our age is, or how secret our story may be. We can still come out of all the mess and junk we have kept packed in our closet with the door locked. Your words are Keys to every kind of door that we keep shut. This makes me want to run into the New, and Never ever look back. Well said my Dear!!! Love you!!

    1. You have me in tears Deb. Thank you for your love and encouragment, you will never know what it means to me! It seems to make “Unbecoming” possible to know that we are not alone in the process. I love you so dearly!


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