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Every single morning around the same time, I am awakened by a noise outside of my great room window.  I would like to believe that I am a princess in a Disney movie and the beautiful birds are my alarm clock waking me with songs of sweet chirping…but reality creeps in and it is SUMMER, and i am not Belle.  C’mon already.

My daily visitor is Mr. Redbird.  He has been coming around for about two months now.  He is a creature of habit.  This morning I had a talk with him…and no I am not crazy (insert me, trying to convince myself.)  My one sided conversation was chocked full of questions and sounded something like this…

“Dear Mr. Redbird,  why are you so insistent upon coming to MY window?  

With all of the houses on my block, could you please go say hello to one of them?  

What do you see in my window (which obviously acts as mirror to you) that makes you keep coming back for more?

With an entire world out there, why do you stay here?”

No answer.  Just the same repetitious banging of his beak against my window.  And there it was.  Sometimes silence is an answer.

Do you ever stop and listen to your own questions or the questions you ask others?

There’s an old saying…”if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander” and I’m pretty sure that applies here.  Why do we continue to visit the place of no entry?  Do we like to try to walk into closed doors or sealed windows because we know that they are closed?  I mean, if they were open what is inside may scare us, challenge our faith.  We are creatures of habit and sometimes the safety of the sealed and closed is comforting.  God doesn’t want this for us.  He says in Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing!”  Change up your normal.  Stop revisiting the closed!

Make a new friend.  I know, i know…the motto “No new friends” but you are not Rihanna and that whole philosophy is LAME.  Why?  Relationships are everything.  They are how we learn.  How we learn about others and how we learn about ourselves.  Why when we reach a certain age do we stop making new friends.  Get out of your comfort zone and go say “Hello!”  p.s. (a great place to do that would be at Unbecoming 2017)

If you keep coming back to the same reflective window everyday, are you seeing what you’re looking for?  Is their visible change today?  When is the last time that you looked in the mirror and said something kind to yourself?  Because whatever you continue to think/speak you WILL become.  Your reflection is equal to your words.

And lastly Mr. Redbird, with a whole big beautiful world out there (queue Louis Armstrong), why do you live like you are in a cage?  When did you stop dreaming and settle for the tree of mediocrity?  Try this…go out on a limb and put some wings to the dreams of your youth.  Give your goals something to work with.

You have been given this one life.  Will you Unbecome the daily dose of “keep calm and carry on?”  How about “get wild and make it matter!”  Make your mark!  There is a whole world who needs to see you fly.  So consider this your momma bird-kicking you out of the nest-kinda morning and spread your WINGS…if the wind fails you, i promise He will breathe on you a gust of just enough!


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