When your Miracle goes to the Homecoming Dance

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Sitting here a few days removed from last Friday and I have to brag on Jesus.  He is so good!  14 years ago, God answered my prayer and turned water into wine in my life.  I walked into my OBGYN office and sat waiting for my sister Lisa to join me.  We were about to find out the sex of my 2nd child!  She happened to be a little bit late to my appointment, so my doctor went ahead and took me back to the room.  He turned on the monitor to the ultra sound machine, squeezed the cold jelly onto my stomach, and then began to roll the wand around on my belly.  I remember the stale feeling of that room, his expression much different then it was when he performed my ultra sound with Collin, my first born.  About that time, a nurse knocked on the door bringing Lisa back to join me.  He stopped the nurse and wouldn’t let her in.  Something was off…this didn’t feel right.  He then looked at me and said “Stephanie, we have a complication.  The ultra sound is showing that your baby’s bowels are growing outside of HER body.  I know that you are a woman of Faith, but i have to inform you of the challenges this imposes.”  He proceeded to tell me all of the complications that Gastroschisis could cause my little girl and that it could possibly affect my health as well.  I remember him saying “i am going to give you ten days to talk to your husband and for you both to weigh out your options.”

Options? I thought, oh there is only one option.

To believe.  I have experienced some very trying moments in my walk with the Lord, but i have to tell you that this one was unlike any other.  My faith isn’t always perfect, and sometimes i feel like there are gaping holes in it, but putting my clothes back on that day in that small cold room, i almost had to pinch myself to see if i actually just heard what the doctor said.  Why wasn’t i freaking out?  Where were my waterwork tears that i so often couldn’t turn off?  I walked out into the waiting room, told my sister we are having a girl…and back to work we went.  On my drive back to work, God literally sat in the passenger side of my truck and spoke to me crystal clear.  He said “Speak of this to no one except for your husband, (this was important – because often times when we share our mountain with those close to us, they don’t mean to, but can tend to foster worry and fear with good intentions), and declare my word over your child.”  I remember sharing the news with Ronnie.  We felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to empty our savings account and take a seed to our Pastor, asking him to join his faith with ours.  Your covering is so important.

When the rain falls in your life, you want to have an umbrella.

Our Pastor had taught us the importance of sewing and reaping, and attaching our need to our seed.  We followed God’s instruction to a T.  Was i tempted to tell my family? Yes!  Did i tell them?  No!  10 days later, Ronnie accompanied me back to my Doctors office.  One hand in his, I laid waiting on the table for the same ultrasound…my doctor began the test, and big crocodile tears began to run down his flushed cheeks.  He looked up at us and said…”you need to go back to that CRAZY church of yours and tell them to celebrate a perfectly healthy child!”  I cannot tell you how i felt.  This was MY GOD…the God of Miracles.  I remember the day she was born.  My doctor wasn’t on call, but he was determined to deliver Rylie.  When she was born, she was glowing.  The Holy Ghost was so powerful in the hospital room.  I will never forget it.

Last Friday Night, i had that same exact feeling all over again.

It was all i could do to stand in my master bathroom with Rylie as i curled her beautiful hair and put on a little bit of makeup.  She was so adorable, standing with her sister Isabella, peeking through the entry windows, trying to catch a glimpse of her date.  Clayton was so excited as he rang the doorbell.  Lots of giggles and awkward small silences, but after we snapped a thousand pictures they were out the door and off to her first Homecoming Dance.  She was never supposed to see this day!  God is so good!  14 years later and i am still going to tell this story like the first time, because it is a reminder to me that God specializes in the impossible.

When your miracle goes to the Homecoming Dance – clear the floor!

Quite possibly you are believing for the impossible in your life and need to be reminded God still does miracles.  He is ABLE!  Let my testimony encourage your faith and starve your fear.  He still makes exquisite wine from ordinary water, athletes from lame legs, and gives perfect vision to blind eyes.  If you need to be encouraged – scroll these pictures of Rylie and be assured that i am believing with you!




12 thoughts on “When your Miracle goes to the Homecoming Dance

  1. Pastor Steph, this testimony is so inspiring this morning. I have heard it before but this morning it has a new meaning to me. Thank you. I’m growing and unbecoming me!

  2. As Many times as I have heard and even shared this testimony… It’s never hit me the way it did this morning! The tears I shed while reading were reminders for me to continue to hold on to the UNCHANGING Hand of the One who does the IMPOSSIBLE!

  3. I love Rylie’s story! As a miracle baby myself, I know God is a miracle worker! When doctors say no, God can say yes!

  4. Did you know Lilly was born with Gastrochesis, her large and small intestine were on the outside when she was born! 6 weeks in the NICU!

    1. No way Casey! I was not aware that Lilly was born with Gastrochesis. I love and miss you and Bob and the girls so much. It blesses my heart that you were on the site reading the blog. Give the family my love!


    1. I love how you love her and she loves you so very much. I have always prayed that God would place people in my Childrens life who would be inspirations to them and you are definitely one of those prayers answered! I love you!

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