It’s not fashion week is it?

    Maybe you’ve never been to fashion week, but a girl can dream right? We just so happen to think that you can have a sick fit AND have church like its your last chance. Unbecoming Me is all about embracing your God-Given identity, but we know girls want to always dress like they understand their assignment, so we have you covered!

    You already know our UM Merch is going to be adorable, so pack a cute skirt & your favorite pair of jeans and you will be set to make a fit out of anything you want to buy while you are at UM ’21! This years theme is Valley Girl, so think in COLOR. Color blocking, femme, cute pattern mixing, California Vibes✌🏽We always wear our conference T-Shirt that is included with your registration on Saturday morning to the 11am Service, but the rest of the time we wanted to make sure and provide you with some fit inspiration photos…’cause sis, we love you like that! Don’t overthink it, just have fun and in the words of CoCo Channel “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” 😉

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