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I’m Melting…Wanna Know the Scoop?

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…especially when it’s with good company!  Sunday, I took my kids and some of their friends to lunch after church and then the girls and I headed to Graeter’s for ice cream:). It was the best day and I’ll be honest I found myself melting in conversation.  

I love getting to know the stories of the people around me…It is literally like we are in a proverbial ice cream shop, and there are so many incredible flavors!  I have said it often, I have a story, YOU have a story, and I’m so grateful that God has given me different platforms to be able to share not only mine, but yours.  Here’s the scoop…I have a “sample” of a beautiful young ladies story to share with you today that made me melt.

I sat across the table from this 18 year old girl and listened to her share with me.  I’m sure to her it was just a piece of her life, basic details, nothing to shout from the rooftops, but to me…I was totally fangirling.   

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“Fangirl” is a word that millinials use, today i’m making it my own.  I have known this young lady for a little over a year, but today i was getting to hear about her.  She was telling me about her family history.  A daughter, college student, and sister.  She has good parents I’m sure, I have not personally met them, but you can tell alot about people by their children.  I asked about her religious background, because I have watched this young lady come to church every service for almost two years.  I’ve watched her grow, mature, immerse herself in ministry, and i have watched a fire grow within her…but I have never seen her parents or any other family members.

She preceeded to say, “well part of my family is Catholic, the other Baptist, and then there’s me…this on fire pentecostal, radically changed by the love of Jesus, over here all by myself.”  And I just sat there melting.  How brave!  How courageous!  How bold!  

See, I am a daughter of a heritage rich in my spiritual culture, a 4th generation fire brand.  I cannot imagine what life would be like any other way.  So i sat there, and marveled at this young lady.  Wow!  What would it be like as a teen, to get in a car and drive yourself to church alone?  What would it be like to even explain to your parents your “different” faith?  What would it be like to open your spirit up to something you had NEVER SEEN?  Church to me, a relationship with the Lord has never been optional, what would it be like if it were?  Who would I be if I had been given that option?  Would I have paved my same path if it was filled with this kind of resistance?

That I will never know, but this I do.  Hannah, you are fierce.  To know you makes me proud.  You inspire me.  You push me to greater heights and depths in the spirit, because I want to lead you well.  And if you’re out there and you’re reading this and you identify with her… let me tell you from my heart…you are inspiring!  You are NOT ALONE.  You’re heavenly Father looks down on you and thinks you are UNDAUNTINGLY COURAGEOUS…and whether you recieve any earthly recongnition or accolades, your DADDY GOD thinks GIRL, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!  And SO DO I!!

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  1. Love this! One of my favorite things to witness- is young people, on fire for God, in love with a Jesus… seeing young people moved by the spirit is probably THE most moving thing ever- bold and courageous for sure- it takes a lot to step out and experience “religion” differently- but to experience a real relationship with your savior- a personal and intimate relationship with God is so much more than “a religion”… there’s a reason why she’s been placed where she is… God knows what He’s doing. Hats off to you Hannah! And much love to my Pastor who loves us enough to press for more.

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