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It’s Monday and time for another “in case you missed it!”

During the launch of the Unbecoming Movement, I was so thankful to be able to share with all of the ladies who attended, one of the greatest gifts in my life, my sister Lisa Brunson.

It was the first night of an incredible weekend and first things are important!  The heavens were opened as we joined together expecting an encounter that would make it impossible for us to leave like we came.

I could talk all day about my sister.

You have already read posts where she is included, I Always Made My Sister Break Up With My Boyfriends and I will venture to say there will be many more.  Several people have asked me for a recording of her singing “Clean” from the Unbecoming Weekend.  Although I could have posted a really professional video, my daughter Rylie was playing this recording from her phone and I just had to share.  If you listen closely towards the end of  the recording – this is where the “good-good” is.  I say this because, not only am I singing with my sister (have fun trying to tell us apart lol), but my 85 year old grandmother Dretha was standing right next to Rylie as she was recording and is singing along with us.  I will treasure this clip forever!

There is something about the power in the frailty of her voice.

Vocal chords which have prayed prayers that have touched the hand of God.  Vocal chords who have lead hearts to Jesus.  Vocal chords who have changed the atmosphere of every room she walks into.  And then you will also hear Rylie, her voice, gentle and sweet.

I just think this is so beautiful and I hope that you are blessed by it.  85, 41, 39, and 14 years together in the House of the Lord lifting up a song that quickly became our Anthem.  I remember looking out over the room full of girls wearing all white, and seeing the cleansing power of God make us one in Him.

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28 thoughts on “ICYMI | “Clean” Live with Lisa

  1. I guess you know what your first cut on the Unbecoming “album” is. Don’t clean it up let the power of this live recording minister to the nations like it ministered to those of us who were blessed to be in attendance.

  2. So beautiful! You not only hear the voices, but the hearts of compassion! So thankful for my family🎹🎤💞💞

  3. So why do you have me crying early in the morning? There is something about the sound of hearing ladies worship together. I think because we feel things very different than men and thinking of all the lifetimes the voices in that room represent is a powerful thing. Anyhow, I love you like crazy and for the record, I couldn’t tell us a part half of the time. 😘

    1. Awwww sorry about the tears sissy! This moment was so precious…the echoes of it are still touching hearts and lives. The unity of the ladies in that room in worship that night was other worldly – thank you for being you…for leading the launch into the throne room. I love you so much and I couldn’t either 😉😘

      Your Big Sis

  4. How precious, pure and powerful! Bought me to tears.Bless you for sharing, The love you share as sisters carressed by life and lessons learned and shared…Identifiable in the Anointing!

  5. Anointed!!! I am here listening to it on my smartphone. The pesent of God is coming thru my earphone buds. I am in tears. Steph, your family has been such a blessing. There is no buddy like Ms.Lisa.

  6. I am so emotional right now, this is so beautiful. I really wish my sisters, cindy and Johanna, would live for Christ Jesus. God bless you guys the anointing over and in you is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I just got home from listening to you speak in Baytown Tx. I looked up this website to find out more about your ministry and found this recording. It is absolutely beautiful. There’s a special bond between generations of girls and it is heard here in this recording. Something to cherish for generations to come. Nothing on your site tells me what is in your heart more than you and your families precious voices. Thank you for Gods message tonight at the church and for the one I received when I listened to this recording!

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