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Have you ever not wanted to go to sleep, because you don’t want to miss a thing?

This weekend just might be one of my favorite weekends of all time.  I had the honor of traveling to Oklahoma to minister at Harvest Church.  Harvest Church is in Ronnie’s hometown – Norman, Oklahoma where his sister Renee is the Pastor.  It was such a special weekend.

Anytime I get to be with family is treasured.

Catching up, laughing over late night in home pedicures, sitting in the closet talking for hours, gathering in the kitchen around endless chips and salsa…are we the only ones or does everyone’s family always gather in the kitchen?

I love family.  I love God’s family.

Sunday Night I ministered at Harvest Church’s “Girlfriends” event.  Just wow!  Not me, or anything I said or did, but GOD!  A room full of girls of all ages, in various stages of life, gathered together as Daughters.  And our Father showed up.  During the worship time, I was standing in the altar space and behind me I could hear my 12 year old daughter, Bella, singing.  I stopped just to listen to her sweet voice raised in worship to her Daddy God.  Just as I did, God whispered to me…”I just told the angels to hush their worship, so that I could hear the sound coming from My daughters”.  I was wrecked.

He craves our worship.

I completely believe that’s why the enemy works overtime to silence our voices.  If He can’t take us completely out of the game all together…he steals our joy, our hope, our sense of purpose.  And being the “doers” that we are, we overwork ourselves into states of exhaustion, by making impossible “to-do” lists.  Like the widow woman in 1 Kings 17…when loss, hurt, or disappointment becomes your friend, it is difficult to realize sometimes that what you HAVE LEFT IS ENOUGH FOR YOUR MIRACLE.  Have you ever felt like that woman and drafted a mental to do list that sounded like hers?  Bake a cake, eat it, die.

Hey girlfriend…

Yeah YOU…working mother of 3, who have put your “real dream” on the back burner and you wonder if your window of opportunity will pass you by…

Teenage girl…who have made wrong choices and have given your body away in ways that leave you feeling more empty…

Single mom…who feels abandoned and misused…but tries to keep it all together for your babies…

Woman in ministry…trying to hold your world together…while your insides are broken and falling apart…

God SEES you.

 I know you may feel like what you have left is just enough for one more meal, but He wants me to tell you “What you have left is enough for your miracle!”




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