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    Hey Gena! Loaded Potato Soup

    There’s just something about Potato Soup that is soul comforting.  I remember when I lived in Columbus, Ohio and was so sick I could barely eat a thing.  One of my sweet friends, Gena Bohl, brought me the best homemade soup ever!  Maybe it was because it touched my heart or because I hadn’t eaten in several days, nevertheless, it made the #addthisintomyrotationofrecipes list.  Now, this is my take on Gena’s soup…because I never actually asked for the recipe, but when I make it – it tastes pretty close and always makes me think of her!  Xoxo


    Potatoes (I use 2 potatoes per person I plan to feed)


    1/2 of an onion (diced)

    8 oz Sour Cream

    1/4 brick of Velveeta Cheese

    1 tspn Celery Salt

    Salt (to taste – I’m a salt freak)



    Peel your potatoes.  Wash and slice them.  Add all potatoes into your soup pot.  Cover with water.  (Just to the top of the potatoes) Add in your onion and celery salt.  Bring to a boil, and stir while boiling.  Let simmer on medium heat for about 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender.  Do not drain water, keep it all in your pot.  While on low, take a mashing tool and LIGHTLY press into the potatoes until it creates the type of consistency you desire.  Add in your sour cream and velveeta and allow it to melt and mix together while stirring.  Add salt to taste.

    Garnish It Girl

    Add some chopped chives, bacon bits, and cheddar cheese…

    your belly is about to love you big time!


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