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And David Perceived He Was King

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Perception = Reality.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to teach from a book that Pastor Ronnie has been teaching from during our mid-week service, And David Perceived He Was King.  This book is transforming my life.  I would strongly encourage you to add it to your personal library.  You can purchase it at Amazon by clicking this link.

How many of you have heard the age old saying, “You Are What You Think?”  There is SO much truth to that statement.  And our culture is in an identity crisis collectively.  It is impossible for us to teach our children who they are in Christ, when most parents have yet to discover who they are!

This teach is powerful, funny and the last 15 minutes of it is very personal.  God, for some time now, has been asking me…to ask those connected to me…”What is your dream?”  So often in ministry, I believe Pastors/ministers/leaders, without meaning to never really ask the people God has placed around them, what dreams they have.  It is easy in the busyness of life, and the “Not coming down off of this wall” mentality, to bypass the dreams of the very people God has called us to cultivate.

I do not want to be the kind of leader, who commissions people to spend their entire lives helping me fulfill my dreams, while their dreams remain unfulfilled.  Sometimes even forgotten.  I truly believe when we Kingdom Build, all of our dreams come together to make something incredibly significant in the eyes of the Lord.

I want you to know this…YOU are valuable.  The God dream on the inside of you, was placed their on purpose.  Let me challenge you to uncover your dreams and allow God to breathe life upon them!


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