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Clean Out The Closet…It’s Time for a Season Change

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Every major season change since I was a little girl, came with a practice my incredible Mother taught me…clean out your closet and switch over your clothes for the new season. I had no idea what she was instilling in me at a young age, but as I sit here on my couch, coffee in hand, peering out my living room window to see evidence that the old season is beginning to give way to a new one, it becomes ever clear.

Living in Louisville, I have the luxury of experiencing all four seasons, (not gonna lie that sometimes certain seasons tend to hang on a little longer than I wish they would). I am observer of nature, and I think we can learn from looking – if we are wise. Just like the ground and atmosphere around me are beginning to change their clothes for spring, I have continued this practice my mom taught me, and here’s what I want to share that I’ve learned over the years about maximizing your season.

“Your ability to create in your next season is dramatically affected by what you do or don’t release now.”

1. What needs to stay?

They say “If you haven’t worn it in a year then get rid of it”, or leave it in the old season…we could think of this as “the purge.” This would apply to ALL of the SIZES in your closet you’re hanging on to as reminders OR as motivators. They need to stay in the old season, you are NOT that girl anymore. I’m gonna take this a step further and say, maybe you did wear it and you felt like it didn’t look good on you, wasn’t flattering to your figure, etc…leave it. FYI – I am not still talking about clothes. What weights do you need to release before you move forward? Who do you need to forgive? What are you doing that is stale, that you’re bored or tired of…(and you can’t stop doing laundry so that’s not an answer – haha!) What or who feels heavy? Like they don’t need to come into this next season with you?

2. What deserves to come?

This would apply to practices, disciplines, routines, even people…that fit your next season. It’s always been a personal pet peeve of mine to see people wearing flip flops in the winter…and yet so often that’s what we do in our lives. We try to sustain habits that were products of our yes in one season, into future seasons. Just because you’ve said “Yes” in one season, doesn’t mean that “yes” still works in the new one. We do this same thing with people. Take Inventory. Where are you practicing self-sabotage or self-care? If you can’t be honest with yourself about this then you will be like old-man winter and still be trying to snow at Easter…its rude and we all hate it right? Then why do we allow it in our lives? Evaluate. Does it light you up? It deserves to come. Do they feel light? They get to come. Is it making you grow and step further into purpose? Do more of it!

“Cleaning out your closet” will create clarity and movement and space in all the other areas of your life.

Nature leads us into these natural season changes and challenges us to take a good look at our lives. This is such a staple practice of Unbecoming Me. The last thing we want is to become stagnant, after all – that’s why most of us are Unbecoming in the first place. We allowed years to go by where we didn’t even know ourselves anymore. How incredible our results would be if we cleaned out our closets 4 times a year, once for every season, and went through this process. I truly believe we would enjoy the journey so much more. You can’t walk in purpose unless you are walking in fullness.

“Think of each season like fruit and squeeze everything you can out of it.”

Gonna go now and finish cleaning out my closet for real to get ready for my annual Rags for Res Sale. If you have questions of comments about this post, I’d love to answer a couple Live on Facebook & Instagram tomorrow on Sundays with Steph…comment to this post or feel free to dm me. As always, thanks in advance for sharing with someone in your life who is looking for a season change!

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  1. This is outstanding !! Definitely great time to take inventory!!! I love you, you’re such a blessing to me😘💕🎤

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