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Check one off of the bucket list, I am freaking out!  You are not going to believe what i did today.  Wait for it…an afternoon in a BOAT on the river!  This may sound amazingly ordinary to you, but not for me. I have traveled all over the world, been on a couple of cruise ships, but had never been on a speed boat.  It was everything i thought that it would be and more!


I completely debated about posting this, because I am going to expose myself in a pretty vulnerable way.  Seriously.  I traveled to Houston to minister at one of my dear Pastor friends Wild Tailgate Party.  Yes, Ladies and a tailgate party right?  So stinking fun!  We had an amazing time together and the presence of the Lord was amazing.  She heard me mention at the Unbecoming Launch, that i had never been on a boat and how badly i wanted to go.

This may seem so silly to you and I’m cool with that.

I not only got to boat ride, but i also tried to wake board!  Let me emphasize TRIED – lol!  I have to explain to you that just getting in the river for me was a moment of Unbecoming!  Unbecoming FEAR!  Yes, scared of large bodies of water.  I don’t really understand why myself, so please don’t ask me to explain.  All i can say is LEGIT SCARED.  It took me a minute, but after lots of encouragement from this amazing family, i put my life jacket on, my feet in the board, and beat my 41 year old body to death attempting to conquer a sport clearly intended for teens and 20 somethings!  I think i said let me try it one more time about 20 times.  I mysteriously didn’t get eaten on by fish, drown, or have a panic attack either.  #Winning

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Why is this post making the cut?  Well, let me tell you why.

  1. Sometimes things we take for granted are bucket list items to others – Recognize.
  2. God often places people in our lives to make our life goals (small or big) possible – Appreciate.
  3. At no age should we stop trying to be BRAVE (trying is success) – Conquer.
  4. My kids, friends, and family, need to know that if I can overcome things, they can TOO – Demonstrate.
  5. Life is better with laughter and love and really good friends – Celebrate.
  6. It’s good on occasion to be so sore that you can’t sleep so you blog – RETALIATE 🙂

Seriously though, I am unbecoming and i am so pumped.  Texas, i already loved you because you are just huge and bold and spicy, but you now have a space permanently etched in my heart and somewhere around a disc in my low back.



p.s.  A special thanks God for letting us have the entire river to ourselves, to the Trice family for going out of their way to give me a dreamy day…and to Buck and Superman Luke you are #watertrickgoals


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  1. Inspired and enjoy reading the post all the way from Florida!
    At No Limits Church Lake Mary! We love TKC and Unbecoming me.

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