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But what do you really look like on the inside?

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Ok…do you ever have those moments where you totally want to put people on blast but you don’t because you love people AND because they’re your family?  Well I am having one of those and I’m gonna go ahead and share without mentioning any names (cough, cough…my youngest son).  Here’s the deal, let’s you and I make a pinky promise across the internet that you WON’T say anything to him when you see him 🙂 Deal?

For the last couple of days he has been complaining with his stomach hurting.  I have lathered him in Essential Oils, seeing that I am a Doterra Wellness Advocate, done all of the things in the natural that I know to do, prayed for him, and have scheduled him a doctors appointment because the discomfort seems to persist.  I say “seems” because you have to know him and school…they just don’t go well together.  He is well all summer if you know what I mean, but 1 month into school and its like poof…magic illness.  Anyone else understand?  Yep!  I knew you would.

Well…check out this time lapse video I took for you.  I know it’s not “pretty” but this is real life.  Yesterday morning when i was cleaning upstairs, this was inside the trash can beside his bed…i literally got angry.  I am not one of those mother’s who make my kids ask before they go to the pantry, but clearly, maybe i should be.  NOW, the kicker is – this is less than a weeks trash, because I just changed this trash can.  Watch and BE AMAZED.

7 seconds of ewwwwww…

Here’s my question…if this is what you put in your body, HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO FEEL GOOD?  No amount of broccoli is gonna undo this mess.  Let’s just take a moment and breathe in.  I feel a cleanse in his near future lol 🙂

Let this teach us a few really important lessons:

  1. It doesnt matter how pretty you are on the outside if the inside is disgusting.
  2. You can’t put junk in and expect to WIN.
  3. You can only be hungry for what you’ve tasted.  If you don’t want to crave crap, don’t try it. (Sorry not sorry)
  4. Spiritual: Don’t ask someone to lay hands on you with or without oil, if you aren’t going to be willing to fill yourself with the right kind of spiritual food.
  5. Your body is a temple.  If you treat it like one, it will nourish you back.

I promise my kids have taught me more than I could ever teach them…one day when they are old enough to fully comprehend that, I will thank them.  For now, I’m putting a lock on the pantry 🙂

One thought on “But what do you really look like on the inside?

  1. Well, that stuff AND school would make anybody sick! 😉 Same convo with my afroman recently. I can relate to the kiddo who suddenly has allergies and aches and pains when August 20th rolls around every year… summer pools, trampolines, & Bball is his remedy for too much school and books galore. On another point about the oils- my husband seriously sounds like a bear at night- SNORE- so, last night I diffused doTerra lemon, lavender, peppermint, & breathe oils; rubbed breathe oil on his chest; & gave him a peppermint beadlet. I promise, the bear went into QUIET hibernation. He did not snore at all. Y’all about amazing stuff- now, having said that- went you put junk in, junks gonna come out- so his out was a little cool peppermint-ish today- but better than sleeping with a bear. 🤣

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