I Always Made My Sister Break Up With My Boyfriends

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So i have a sister and she is the most out of this world girl i have ever met!  From the time she was born she was my built in best friend, my playmate, my partner in crime, my matchy-matchy in the ruffled dress, my harmonizer…MY GIRL!  It is also like THE best thing in the world that to this day we can play mad jokes on anyone who calls us on the phone, because we sound so much alike when we sing or talk.  Growing up this was so awesome, especially for me!

Let me introduce you to myself, i am totally, 100%, scared out of my mind to hurt someones feelings…maybe this was the innate pastoral heart God placed in me very young, or maybe it was the fact that i never wanted anyone to not like me (that my friends, is an entirely other post).  Whichever the two it happened to be, my sister Lisa…did not get either of those traits.  She is AWESOME!  The fact that she was younger and i could kinda boss her around probably helped too, lol.  In high school, she came to my rescue several times…i always made my sister break up with my boyfriends.  This happened on a home phone with a long chord, and i could pick up the other line and actually listen in? C’mon, you know what I’m talking about.  She sounded so much like me that no one ever knew…and she did it with such ease.  Lisa – my hero.

The problem is that i was always scared of the hard conversations.

Oh how many times i wish that i could hide behind the four walls of my parents home and have her pick up the phone and pretend she was me…but with growth, confrontation is inevitable.  The hard talks when swept under the carpet only become blockades that become impossible to get through when not had.  However, the hard talks, when love speaks, can be like the sword of the spirit, cutting when it goes in and healing when it comes out.

It’s a lot easier to talk about keeping it real than it is to engage in real conversations that bring about real change and connection.

Too often we avoid, dismiss, or ignore authentic conversation at all costs.  Maybe you sweat the hard talks with your family, your friends, or people you lead.  Communication is one of the most powerful tools for connection and growth.  Have the HARD TALKS!  My husband and i have adapted a covenant with one another over the years, “I may not understand but i can be understanding.”  We all have to challenge ourselves to growth…start today.  What talks have you been putting on the back burner that are about to boil over? Start there…and whatever you do, don’t have your sister break up with your boyfriend 🙂

12 thoughts on “I Always Made My Sister Break Up With My Boyfriends

  1. Watching from home….just lost my father 2 weeks ago …..but as I watched tonight I want to thank you for live streaming this it is helping me to walk thru this journey. !!

  2. We have more in common than I would have ever thought Steph. Even though I was older I am not the bossy one. Amy is. She, like Lisa isn’t afraid of confrontation (and she will go crazy on a person who talks bad about me) but when it comes to hard talks she’s like “you’re a grown @$$ woman do it your self!”

    Then she tells me what to say and I’m like “oh yeah I can do this”

    Both by sister’s are the bomb but Amy is definitely my bestie!

    1. Haha! Yes! Isn’t it awesome to have a sister who is your best friend and whose loyalty to you is unwavering! We have to be thankful and make sure that they know how much we love them!



  3. I love this!! “It’s a lot easier to talk about keeping it real than it is to engage in real conversations that bring about real change and connection.”

    The fact that Lisa broke up with your boyfriends while you listened on the other phone is just hilarious. The bond you two have is amazing. Love you both!

  4. I enjoyed this post Sister Stephanie! It is important to have those “hard talks” and keep communication open, especially in today’s age of “social media”, which is anything but social. I was bummed that I could not attend the conference last weekend. We were taking our retirement vacation. We traveled out west some 6,000 miles in 25 days. Hopefully, another one will be planned. I have heard good reports from some very special ladies that attended.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep it plain!!

    1. Thank you Mrs. Pam! And congratulations on your retirement! I pray God blessed and refreshed you on your vacation! Sounds like it was wonderful!

      It is so very true that social media has indeed provided a “escape” from actually being social. It is so easy for us to let that substitute for investing in the growth of real relationships. And growth isn’t always easy, but the truth makes us free and if said in Gods way, should leave us better after talking/listening than before!

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!



  5. Awe!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting beautiful girl! I am so very proud of you!! But yes, I did make her do it and she was baller at it! Actually, you should ask G and Ronnie how many times we have been able to play tricks on them…its histerical!

    God so blessed me with Lisa-we just get each other and unless you can see us, the best of em can’t tell who’s talking 😂!

    Love you Alissa!



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